Back From Iraq 'A love novel that honors our troops'

          Back From Iraq is a love novel about a soldier who serves two years in Baghdad and returns home damaged by fear.  His Post Traumatic Stress Disorder leads him into reckless behavior, undermines family stability, and causes his wife to divorce him and take their daughter away.  At about the same time, he is redeployed back to Iraq and faces a most fearsome situation.  His military captain and mentor comes to his aid and re-launches him back into a higher orbit of life.  He manages to put his life back together, regains his lost prestige, and redeems his soul with a new, magnanimous love. (Hardcover, 384 Pages, $27.95)

          “Back From Iraq is an extremely accurate accounting of a returning combat veteran.  Any one who reads this book will have some insight into why we are not the same persons we were before we went to war.  A great thanks to the author for telling our story...”

J.G. Baughn, Owasso, Oklahoma
U.S. Navy, Vietnam Combat Veteran

A revised, second edition is now available in digital and paperback formats on

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