The Mighty Weight Of Love

Hardcover $ 27.95    The Mighty Weight Of Love is a literary romance about a physician who loses his wife to cancer and due to his loss is rendered fearful of re-loving or re-living.  As a single parent, he dedicates his life to his three boys, his patients, and his poetry while resisting the female solicitations that hover around him.  In spite of his recluse inclinations, coincidence contrives to involve him with two eligible women of diametrically opposite personalities.  One is a nurse who, because of his resistance to her subtle advances, goes wild and becomes a dangerous friend.  The other, a rape victim who has never gotten over her fear of men, resists his own subtle advances toward her and refuses to face her suppressed need for love.  The triangular struggles of the one man, his two women, and their children reach climactic proportions at the time of the Oklahoma City Bombing and end in a heart-rending denouement.  (Hardcover, $27.95, 350 Pages)

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