Four & a Half Billion Years

A Face by Di'a Al Azzawi      This fourth book of diverse romantic, philosophical, and historical tones was written during my early fifties and completed after the Oklahoma City Bombing.  It contains thirty-six long poems, twenty-one sonnets, and twenty short poems.  It derives its name from one of its long poems and the cover art is by Di’a Al Azzawi.  I have selected these two stanzas from one of its long poems as representatives of its complex emotional bouquet. (Soft Cover, 197 pages, $21.95)

A revised, second edition is now available in digital and paperback formats on

The Song Of Hands

So many tears have trampled down
The lust, the luster, and the crown
And still we cling...
Many a tear, a smile, a frown
Were swept upon the waves to drown
And all the escapades to town
Have browned behind a fading spring
And still we cling.

And when the trees and breeze will die
And when the singing birds will fly
And when the clouds depart the sky
When none will care nor wonder why
When naught is left but you and I
Love still will visit us and bring
A hug of dreams upon her wing
And smiles and sighs and everything
Because we cling.

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