Familiar Faces

A Face by Ismail FattahThis third book of love, philosophy, and natural yearnings was written during my latter forties and contains twelve unrhymed poems, twenty-two short, rhymed poems and fifteen long, rhymed poems.  The cover art “A Face” is an original painting by Ismail Fattah.  The book derives its name from one of its poems, and I have appended two stanzas from that poem as samples. (Hardcover, 187 pages, $24.95)

A revised, second edition is now available in digital and paperback formats on Amazon.com

Familiar Faces

She wears green shadows intertwined with dreams
Lurks unforeseen, in silence plots and schemes
At times she hurries matters to profound extremes
Delights in rolling fortunes in reverse
Coincidence, she sways the universe.

Familiar faces, let us not pretend
Though life may decimate and send
Our unsuspecting souls across
Uncharted times and unfamiliar places
Wherever we are loved, we end.

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