Vast Awakenings

    This second book of romantic longings was written during my forties and contains eleven rhymed poems, twenty-seven sonnets, and twenty-one unrhymed poems.  The book cover and each of the book’s three sections open with an origin

Cover Art by Joan Marronal painting by Joan Marron.  It is 160 pages long, is also out of print, and occasionally surfaces on .

A revised, second edition is now available in digital and paperback formats on

The book derives its name from this devotional sonnet.

Morning Love

I watch the birth, far at the edge of earth
A gladdened shimmering without a cry
And then the flapping, golden clouds of mirth
Before the fireball redeems the sky.

At splendid morns like these I find your eyes
In quiet clouds that lash upon the skies
In vast awakenings that reunite
The depth of darkness and the laughs of light.

The mighty kindness of the morning sun
The Maker’s daily gift for everyone
A giving love, conditionless and free
Is for frightened, ruthless world to see.

I love you so, just like the mornings do
And find the morning joys in loving you.

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